[UTMF] Registration for 800 slots of 100 miler has been closed within 1 hour

At 10am today, Feb. 5 Saturday, for / started on RUNNET. As for (100 miles), 800 slots are sold out on first come first served basis before 11am. As of Saturday 10 pm, STY (50 miles+) is not closed yet. It was happy that I successfully registered on iPhone from trail in Oku-Musashi area.

Even though, it was surprising that 800 slots are filled up in a hour even with requirement (100k x 1 or 50k x2). I am not sure how many of us can finish the race with well prepared, equipped, physically and mentally trained.

I am afraid such “first come, first served” basis registration might work unfair to certain but significant number of potential applicant, especially international runners, who are not used to such registration system. should be applied in such case. At least I can say, some reasonable number of seats might be reserved for international runners with application process in English.

富士登山競走 Fuji Mountain Race 2019 プレビュー

Let me know if readers have any comments or inquiry on registration today.

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