[race] Massive Earthquake in Japan, on two days before Way Too Cool 50k

It was very late at night, at hotel in Roseville, California, after long flight from Tokyo and the first drive at night by rent-a-car since I graduated Yale eleven years ago.

I found frustrated tweets from my friends that tell “long and huge” earthquake hit north eastern Japan, including Tokyo. In the morning, damage and number of victimized people was surprisingly surging. Video of devastating tsunami on CNN deeply shaken my mind. (Fortunately I have contacted my family and found they are safe.)

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I am here to run “Way Too Cool 50k”, endurance trail race in central California, to enjoy what the trail running race in US is like. However, how can I enjoy trail running race while my fellow people in Japan is suffering with such situation, as well as my colleague, and my friends who loves trail running?

DC Weekly 2022年1月24日 来週はHong Kong Four Ultra Trails Challenge

Maybe I should go back to home immediately . But it is not easy to find a flight earlier than booked, and how can I contribute to save this situation if I can go back a day earlier?

I decided to run Way Too Cool 50k as I planed. Of course I know such decision and effort is no use to help suffering people in Japan. This is just to do things in front of me as serious as possible.

I think we can help or contribute not only with direct work for others but also keep to do daily assignments and seek interest as usual. I would like to run WTC tomorrow and bring back experience and idea to trail running community in Japan. On Monday, I will be back to Tokyo and work to fix up the service and operation to help our customers with my colleague.

DC Weekly 2021年12月6日 Lantau 50 / 今週末はIzu Trail Journey

If you are going to in WTC50k, see you there.

I really appreciate all my friends who encouraged me to run.

The day before Way Too Cool 50k
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