[UTMF] ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. Fuji, the 1st 100 mile trail race in Japan

February 2,  steering committee  of UTMF, ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. Fuji, had press meeting, and announced the very 1st 100 miler trail in Japan will start coming May. Yes, this is long rumored 100 mile trail race around Fuji, that Kaburaki-san, leading Japanese trail runner and 3rd place winner of UTMB 2009, had been working hard.

As one of the "students" (that's what he said to Seb Chaigneau in Chamonix last summer!) of Kaburaki-san's trail sessions, I would like to update info this awaited UTMF as frequently as possible in English. I would like to promote this race to all trail running communities in the world, and hope to see more runners from foreign countries in May.

コロナ禍の海外レース挑戦記・スペイン Val d’Aran by UTMB(その5)コロナ以前の高揚感が戻ったスタート、スタートからまもなくピレネーの稜線が目の前に広がる【久保信人】

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I have opened my new twitter account, @Dogs_or_Caravan, to update informations trail running in Japan, as well as @Koichi2000, my personal update in Japanese. Please give me public reply if you have any interest or questions UTMF, as well as other trail race or event in Japan.

First of all, here is released info UTMF today.

Registration will start at 10 am of Feb. 5th, Saturday at RUNNET. Runners for UTMF will be required to show finish result of one 100K race, or two 50K races. Entry fees are ¥24,000 for UTMF and ¥18,000 for STY.

DC Weekly 2020年9月22日 - 上田瑠偉が日本全国に記録を残すプロジェクトをスタート、Sierra-Zinalが閉幕、九州の16山をつなぐQ17

Its official web site is below; ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI

Please watch its official trailer; ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI


Date: May, 20, Friday to May, 22 Sunday, 2011

Venue: Yamanashi Prefecture / Fuji-Kawaguchiko, Fuji-Yoshida, Oshino, Yamanakako

Shizuoka Prefecture / Oyama, Gotemba, Susono, Fuji, Fujinomiya

Races: UTMF / Start & Finish at Kawaguchiko-Oike Park, Yamanashi

Start at 3PM of May 20th, 160km, 8000m accumulated accent, to be finished in 48 hours

STY / Start at Mt. Fuji Kodomonokuni & Finish at Kawaguchiko-Oike Park, Yamanashi

Start at 10AM of May 21st, 90km, 4000m accumulated accent, to be finished in 26 hours

Sponsored by The North Face and its dealer, Goldwin, GoreTex Japan

DC Weekly 2022年4月4日 Marathon des Sables/今週末は奥三河、希望が丘、ダイトレ、多良の森

Akio Nishida, President of Goldwin (right) and Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, trailrunner and chairman of UTMF (left)


ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI、2/5に待望のエントリースタート!/アドベンチャースポーツマガジンWeb

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